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Northampton Town Council

Working with the community to improve
the quality of life in Northampton

A new Town Council for Northampton!


The Town Council will come into operation on 1st April 2020 and the election of new councillors will be on 7th May. The first meeting of the Council will be held at 18.00 on Monday 18th May at the Guildhall.


Local Government in Northamptonshire is changing next year. All existing boroughs, districts and the county council are being replaced by two new unitary councils: North Northamptonshire and West Northamptonshire which will include the current Borough of Northampton.

This would leave a large area of the Borough, not currently covered by a parish council, without direct representation. The Borough Council, following an extensive public consultation in 2019, has agreed to create a new Town Council as well as a Kingsthorpe Parish Council and a Far Cotton and Delapré Community Council.

What will it do?

The main function of the Town Council will be to give a democratically elected voice to the people of the Northampton on the key issues facing the town. It will also ensure that the town's rich heritage and traditions will be protected and enhanced as well as providing a range of local services. During their first year of office the newly elected town councillors will be discussing with the Borough Council and the shadow West Northamptonshire Council which particular services it will be responsible for. The transfer of these services is likely to be phased over two or three years.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the Council's first year of operation is being met by a grant from the Borough Council but for the year 2021/22 the town council will decide in the autumn what share of the council tax (called a "precept") it requires.

Who is running the Council?

There will be 25 councillors representing 21 Wards (or electoral areas). A list of Wards can be found here.

Nominations to stand for election must be submitted to the Borough Council by 4pm on the 8 April. You can find more information about how to stand for election here.

The secretariat to the Town Council is being provide by the Northants County Association of Local Councils and the Acting Town Clerk is Richard Walden. See below for their contact details.

During 2020 the Town Council will be recruiting and selecting their own permanent Town Clerk and other staff.

The Town Mayor

During its first year of operation the Town Councillors will elect a Chairman and Deputy Chairman. However, after Northampton Borough Council ceases to exist in April 2021, the Chairman and Deputy Chairman are expected to be styled the Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor, so continuing Northampton's proud tradition of centuries with a Mayor as its first citizen.

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