Why this campaign?

Transport is a major part of the town's contribution to climate change as can be seen in the image below of Northampton's Emissions profile, obtained from the IMPACT website ("a digital visualisation tool that helps you understand your community's carbon footprint")

The choice the town's residents make in how they get from A to B could make a useful reduction to both the fossil fuel emissions that are heating the atmosphere, and also reduce another major health and well being problem that Northampton has – areas of highly polluted air.

So, if more local residents made the choice to walk or cycle for some of the shorter journeys they make instead of going by car, we'd be helping both ourselves, our children and, in fact, everyone who is affected by the world's ever more quickly changing climate.

Why Bother?

Small changes can make a difference if enough people make them.

Last updated: Tue, 17 Jan 2023 14:07