Application for the designation of the Semilong Trinity Neighbourhood Area


Since April 2012 (under the Localism Act) local communities have been able to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for their local area, putting into place planning policies for the future developments and growth for the neighbourhood.

This application is for the designation of the Neighbourhood Area and is the formal stage of creating a Neighbourhood Plan for the communities within the Semilong Trinity area. The designation of the Neighbourhood Area is important in allowing work to continue on the Neighbourhood Plan.

This application has been prepared by local residents and the elected Members of Semilong and Trinity Wards with the support of the officers at West Northants Council.

In accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) regulations 2012 this application contains:

  • A map of the proposed Neighbourhood Area
  • A Statement explaining why this area is considered appropriate to be designated as a neighbourhood area
  • The contact details for the Secretary of the Semilong Trinity Neighbourhood Forum.

Neighbourhood Area

We believe that the area is appropriate for the following reasons:

The area encompasses part of Semilong ward and part of Trinity ward which includes the Racecourse area and is within the Northampton Town Council administrative area. This forms an important part of the town with a significant level of both religious and educational establishments. The area includes the Barrack Road Conservation Area, Kingsley Conservation Area, diverse and distinctive residential areas, green spaces, a wild life area, light industrial and commercial units.

The Racecourse and the former Northampton University Site are all situated within its boundaries. The area has a strong sense of community who are keen to see the area improve through development, investment and regeneration. The Town Council believe that it is important to enable local people to share their area in accordance with the Localism Act 2012. Therefore, the Town Council supports the proposal to formally designate Semilong and Trinity as a Neighbourhood Planning area.

The Town Council as a qualifying body

Northampton Town Council is the formal body who is responsible for local matters. As a parish area, which includes Semilong and Trinity, Northampton Town Council is therefore the qualifying body as part National Planning Policy.

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