Carnival 2022

The carnival parade left The Racecourse at 2pm, travelling through Kettering Road, Wellingborough Road, and York Road along St Giles Street, Abington Street before making its way back to The Racecourse via Wellingborough Road, Abington Avenue and the Cricket Ground.

Summer of Jubilation was the theme for Northampton Carnival 2022 and was chosen to give hope and the opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate. Always a popular event, the parade group was lined with crowds. The weather was amazing creating a great atmosphere for all attendees. Many got incredibly creative with their floats this year. The results are as follows.


Float (Children's)
1st Bridgewater Primary
2nd Born to Perform

1st Sikh Community Centre and Youth Group
2nd St.Crispin Retirement Village and Northampton Heritage Transport
3rd Suncare

1st United African Association
2nd Steel Pan Strollers
3rd Sikh Community Centre and Youth Group

1st Stimpson Avenue Primary School
2nd Albanian Cultural Association
3rd Northampton Queen Elevate

Visiting Troupe
1st Zodiac All Stars, Nottingham
2nd Inspire Urself, Nottingham
3rd Cultural Roots,Derby

People's Choice
Spring Borough's Voice

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