Climate Change Forum

The Climate Change Forum was initiated by Northampton Town Council to contribute to Northampton's community response to the developing challenges of climate change. It's members are councillors, community volunteer and council officers.

If you live in Northampton and you're interested in helping the Forum with it's work, please write to the CCF's Chair:

Some of the projects it is working on are listed below

Why has the Council set up this Forum?

There is now an enormous amount of scientific based evidence for the reality of a warming world, and the gases, such as CO2 and methane emissions, that are the key drivers of global temperature rise, are still increasing each year.

The effects of Climate Change will affect the lives of all Northampton's residents.

How soon the harmful effects of climate change will significantly effect us locally is not clear, but there are signs around the world that extreme weather events are now more frequent and intense.

On a national level these are already damaging some areas of the UK, and causing much damage and many deaths in communities around the world.

As a Town Council, though we have relatively few resources and statutory responsibilities, we 'declared a climate emergency' in 2021, and believe we should be doing whatever we can to both reduce CO2 emissions by our Council, the Town's individual residents, businesses and other organisations.

We also have a responsibility to plan for the local potentially harmful effects of climate change - such as dangerously high temperatures.

And to research how the wellbeing of our residents may be threatened by the effects of drought or wildfires elsewhere that could lead to food shortages.

Then, we need to work out how we can, as a community, prepare for these possibilities - such as growing more food locally, or planting more trees which can help cool the air in the town, especially in very built-up and tarmacked areas.

In short we need to work as a Town community to do what we can to both reduce the heating of our world and build our resilience to what is now very likely to be coming our way.

The Climate Change Forum Display in Grosvenor Shopping Northampton

January 2023

The Climate Change Forum Display in Grosvenor Shopping Northampton

January 2023

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