Climate Change Grant Scheme

Northampton Town Council is pleased to offer Climate Change Grants through its Climate Change Forum, a sub-group of the Environmental Services Committee.

The Climate Change Forum wants to encourage, promote and support community groups and schools with their initiatives that tackle climate change.


If you have a green idea, even if you are unsure of all the details of how it could work, you are encouraged to send a short description of any potential project for initial feedback to the Chair of the Climate Change Forum:

You may then decide to formally apply or to further develop your idea before completing the application. Thank you.


The Climate Change Grant scheme is part of the Town Council's commitment to reduce emissions locally and mitigate the widespread challenges and threats posed by Climate Change to Northampton Town's residents.

We believe your green ideas small or large can have a big impact.

There are two levels of funding available up-to a maximum of £5,000 for practical green ideas that have potential to make a meaningful and lasting difference to the carbon footprint of local communities and/or enhance biodiversity in these areas:

  • Climate Emissions: Reduce carbon emissions, other climate warming gases and reduce households' carbon footprint
  • Sustainable Energy: Reduce the consumption of energy through the installation or creation of low carbon or renewable forms of energy
  • Sustainable Transport: Reduce the amount of miles travelled by personal cars for example by increasing cycling, walking and use of public transport
  • Biodiversity & Ecosystems: Increase, restore or enhance local biodiversity and wildlife
  • Climate Change Mitigation: Reduce urban heat levels, water consumption and threats from flooding or increase local sustainable production of food or goods.
  • Waste: Reduce food and other waste or increase re-use and recycling

Applications of up to £1,000 are recommended for small projects that are 'ready to go' and which fit the criterion of being most a 'practical green idea with likely benefits to the community. Applications of up to £5,000 are recommended for more ambitious projects, for some of which we may require applicants to contribute some funding themselves – e.g. to enable support for larger over £5,000 projects, or for less costly projects but which will lead to the applicant's group or organisation acquiring a longer term asset, such as a structural change to a property, or some other acquisition.

Applications for this scheme are considered by the Environmental Services Committee, please check the calendar for future meetings.

Please ensure this form is filled in completely and you ensure you have read the Climate Change Grants Policy and Guidance Document, any missing information may result in delays in the consideration of your application.

All applicants should provide whatever information they can on the form itself in the sections below. However, we do want to encourage applications for these grants, so if any sections of the form require discussion or advice before submitting an application, please do contact the Council.

Privacy: Your name, position, email address and address will be disclosed to the committee when considering the application. All other information on the is form may be made publicly available via the Northampton Town Council website as part of the agenda.

* Required Field

Contact Information
About Your Organisation

(This should include the geographical area, age groups etc.)

About Your Project

This would include grants from other bodies, use of own funds etc.

This would include time given by volunteers, donations of good/services etc.

Please detail their involvement.

This should include: How you anticipate your project would make a lasting difference with mitigating the effects of climate change. How the proposed method of implementation for example, description of tasks involved and who will assist in the delivering of these tasks.

This should include: The estimated effects of the project would have on climate change. How long you expect the project will make an impact on Climate Change. How many people and/or geographical area it will benefit

How will the Grant be Spent?

Please be as detailed as possible. The sum of the items should match the amount requested from the Town Council. For any expenditure on a single item over £500 you must demonstrate that best value has been sought, normally by submitting quotations.

Bank Details

Please provide the bank details of the bank account you would like the funds to be sent to if your application was to be successful. This will enable the Town Council to be efficient with the payment if your application was successful. PLEASE NOTE FAILURE TO PROVIDE BANK DETAILS MAY DELAY PAYMENT

Additional Information

Please also provide an explanation of any expenditure that you feel is not self-explanatory.

This can include any additional breakdown, quotes etc


Declaration and agreement of organisation representative:

The person named below hereby agrees as follows:

1. That he, she or they are properly authorised under the rules of the organisation of which he or she is a member to enter into this agreement for and on behalf of the other member as set out in those rules or in a binding authorisation of the members.

2. That it accepts the grant on behalf of the association on the terms set out in this Agreement and the policy of the Climate Change Grant which he, she or they has received a copy

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