General Community Grants Scheme

Northampton Town Council has a commitment to encourage, support and promote volunteer organisations and charities within its area for the benefit of the Town. The Town Council makes an annual budget provision for Community Grants to help meet its aims. This scheme provides grants generally of a value in excess of £2,500 which will benefit a greater proportion of the area served by the Town Council rather than a single Ward. For ward specific grant schemes please see the Councillor's Community Fund. Applications for this scheme are considered quarterly by the Grants Sub- Committee.

The Town Council seeks to provide grants which meet the following outcomes:

  • Any purpose which will enhance the economic, social and environmental well-being of their ward or part.
  • Providing information to constituents, or seeking the views of constituents, whether about the Council or about any other matter affecting the economic, social or environmental well-being of the Council's area.
  • Contributes towards a particular policy objective which the Council may determine from time to time.

It is recommended your application is submitted in advance of the deadline to ensure the Town Clerk can validate it and ensure any missing information is provided.

PLEASE NOTE: Your name, position, email address and address will be disclosed to the committee when considering the application. All other information on this form will be made publicly available via the Town Council website as part of the agenda for the committee meeting.

'We know that there are so many different charities, groups and organisations doing so much good in Northampton and the Town Council want to support them in the fantastic work they do. One of the few positives of the pandemic was the way communities supported each other and we are keen to harness this. It maybe that your charity is looking to provide support for the vulnerable, or your group wants to put on an event to raise the profile of the town or a cause, whatever it is, Northampton Town Council may be able to help'.

Cllr Rufia Ashraf, former Mayor of Northampton and member of the Community Services Committee and Environmental Services Committee

Last updated: Sun, 12 Mar 2023 14:40