Community Grants Scheme Application Form

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Contact Information:
About Your Organisation:

- This should include the geographical area your members are drawn from etc.

How many people are involved in your organisation:
About Your Project:

- This would include grants from other bodies, use of own funds etc

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This should explain the objectives of the project and benefits to the local community

How will the grant be spent:

Please be as detailed as possible. The sum of the items should match the amount requested from the Town Council. For any expenditure on a single item over £500 you must demonstrate that best value has been sought, normally by submitting quotations.

- This can include any additional breakdown, quotes etc

- Please provide any information relating to your project that you believe the Town Council should be aware of. Please also provide an explanation of any expenditure that you feel is not self-explanatory.

Last updated: Thu, 17 Mar 2022 21:12