Financial Information

On this page you will find financial information relating to the council, including budgets and information about annual governance and accountability returns (AGAR).

You can find information on all payments made by the council by looking at the minutes of our Accounts Sub-Committee which can be linked to by going to our meetings calendar.

Notice of conclusion of Audit including rights of inspection and certified AGAR sections 1,2 & 3 2021/22

Budget 2022/23

Notice of Conclusion of External Audit, AGAR, and External Auditor's Certificate

Budget 2021/22

Annual Return Form & External Auditors Report

Internal Audit Reports

Financial Regulations


A report of Northampton Town Council's monthly expenditure including all payments (not just those over £500) can be found in the minutes of the Accounts Sub-Committee. The minutes can be downloaded from the meetings calendar here.

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