Northampton Town Council Launches Two Grant Schemes to Support Local Groups and Charities

Northampton Town Council have two grant schemes to support local groups and charities.

The Councillors Community Fund, and The General Community Grants Scheme, both of which are open for applications now. This is a great opportunity for local groups, charities and organisations to get their hands on a share of the £175,000 allocated for grants in the current financial year.

The Councillor's' Community Fund is for applications of up to £2,500 and is for ward based projects (each councillor has at least £3,000 to support projects in their ward). Applicants will need to contact and get the support of one of their ward town councillors before making an application to this fund, and the ward councillor will have to provide a supporting statement. You can find out who your local town councillor at

Cllr Jane Birch, Chair of the Communities Services Committee whose remit includes the allocation of grants said 'these ward based grants are a great resource for local groups to tap into and get some vital funding, the relatively quick decision making process will also make them attractive too. An added benefit is that they allow councillors to support what is going on in their communities and work with these groups in delivering their projects. The criteria are deliberately broad, it needs to benefit the ward and its residents, the applicants should be a group, charity or organisation, and most importantly applicants need the support of their ward councillor. So for example if a sports club is looking for some new equipment, or a residents group wants to enhance an area for the benefit of all, then get in touch with your local town councillor and see if they can help with some funding through Northampton Town Council'.

The other pot of money is the Community Grants Scheme. This is open to all groups, charities and organisations in Northampton, and unlike the other scheme it needs to demonstrate that it is benefiting residents across a larger area than just one ward. It is likely that the funding required will be in excess of £2,500.

Cllr Rufia Ashraf, former Mayor of Northampton and member of the Community Services Committee said 'we know that there are so many different charities, groups and organisations doing so much good in Northampton and the Town Council want to support them in the fantastic work they do. One of the few positives of the pandemic was the way communities supported each other and we are keen to harness this. It maybe that your charity is looking to provide support for the vulnerable, or your group wants to put on an event to raise the profile of the town or a cause, whatever it is, Northampton Town Council may be able to help'.

In both cases applicants will be required to fill out an application form and provide the requested supporting documentation. Stuart Carter, Town Clerk of Northampton Town Council said 'officers are here to help so please don't let the form filling put you off. We can offer advice and support in completing the form, just give us a call or send in an email. We are a new Town Council and we really want to enhance the lives of the residents we serve and the distribution of grants is a really good way of doing this.'

You can download an application form for the both grants or fill either out online using the relevant link below. The deadline for applications to the General Community Grants are set out below.

The deadline for the Councillors Community Fund are also as above, however, once the Councillor has spent their allocation this will not renew until the next financial year so please bear that in mind when contacting your local Councillor.

Applications for both grants schemes will be considered by the Grants Sub-Committee who make a recommendation to the Community Services Committee.

Deadlines to submit applications to either scheme in the 2022/23 financial year are:

  • 14th November 2022
  • 22nd February 2023

the first deadline for consideration in the new financial year is:

  • 1st April 2023

Other dates will be added once confirmed.

If you are unsure which scheme to apply to then please contact the Town Council office for further advice.

Northampton Town Council was formally created on 1 April 2021 and represents the residents of Northampton and is the largest town council in England when measured by population. It is comprised of 25 councillors each of whom has been allocated at least £3,000 (£75,000 total) to distribute to groups and organisations in their ward subject to the approval of the Council. In addition, there is £100,000 in the General Community Grants Scheme in the current financial year.

Last updated: Tue, 01 Nov 2022 14:15