Mayoral and Civic Engagements

Mayor Cllr Dennis Meredith and his Mayoress Rona Meredith

Civic Engagement Form

Please complete the information below with the relevant details of your function. Once completed, click submit - please make sure all fields are completed, you will receive notification of the form submission.
Please note, we require a minimum of two weeks notice in order to consider your engagement.

If your event is outside of the Northampton Town boundary please call Lizzie Hawkins, Civic and Mayoral Officer on 01604 349323 or email and we can see if we can facilitate.

Please be aware that Covid-19 restrictions may still apply.

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We need to know the Parish or Ward where your event will be taking place, so that we can ask permission for The Mayor of Northampton to attend. You can find this out by visiting and entering in the location postcode:

- Robes are worn for Civic Events mainly

- Please state

- If there is a speech required please indicate the length of time of speech and brief us on the content

– e.g smart or casual, lounge suit or cocktail dress, black tie or evening dress, outdoor clothing…

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