Mayoral and Civic Engagements

Mayor Cllr Stephen Hibbert and Mayoress Liz Cox

Mayor Cllr Stephen Hibbert and his Mayoress Liz Cox

In May 2023 we held our third Annual Council Meeting - also known as the Mayor Making Ceremony. During this ceremony, a word of gratitude was extended to outgoing Mayor, Councillor Dennis Meredith and Mayoress Rona, for their hard work during their outstanding Mayoral term.

Cllr Stephen Hibbert will be the 783rd unique Mayor of Northampton and the 851st in chronological order. Chesterfield born Stephen has spent the past 40 years of his life in Northampton and worked in the legal profession until retirement. Stephen is a proud father and grandfather and owner of a very loyal Patterdale.

Stephen has been a local councillor for 12 years, has led the housing portfolio on Northampton Borough Council. Cllr Hibbert holds a particular interest in homelessness and rough sleeping and all of the consequences to health and wellbeing. Stephen is active in local resident associations, a trustee of two charitable organisations and Secretary and member of Northampton & County Club. He loves music, and golf too, when the weather allows!

Stephen is honoured to have been elected as Mayor of Northampton and to have the support of good friend Liz Cox as Mayoress. Liz is Northampton born and bred and her family has a long involvement in local business.

Cllr. Hibbert's chosen charity is Spencer Contact. The charity is organised and run by local Christians who work to relieve those in poverty and hardship in and around Northampton by supplying free second-hand furniture. To do this, they collect furniture and household goods that are no longer required and then supply them to people in need, after making sure they are cleaned and in good condition.

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The Deputy Mayor and Mayoress for 2023-24 is Cllr. Paul Joyce and his wife Mylissa.

Cllr Joyce has worked for Royal Mail for 35 years starting as a postal cadet in 1987 and is currently a CWU trade union representative for the South Midlands Postal Branch

Cllr Joyce has worked alongside local community leaders and organisations in Eastfield and Headlands establishing close links with residents along the way and is always proud of his work supporting local green issues and raising awareness of Climate Change within the community.

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