Northampton Town Council Call For Urgent School Supplies for Young Ukrainian Refugees Entering Poland

Northampton Town Council Call For Urgent School Supplies for Young Ukrainian Refugees Entering Poland

With the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, Northampton residents have responded with enormous generosity donating thousands of items. Many lorries have already made the perilous journey to Ukraine and the Polish border.

Further to this, Northampton Town Council have launched a donation drive calling for urgent school supplies. Of those that managed to escape the atrocities, some young, Ukrainian refugees are now attending school in Poland. After the horrors they have witnessed, school is a welcomed place of safety and refuge, however they are without the essential things they need, to fit in and enable them to lay down new roots.

Councillor Tarasiewicz visited a Polish speaking school last Saturday, "I was told that the Ukrainian refugee children are attending local schools in Poland. They need basic equipment such as a backpack, pencil case and stationery including, pens, pencils, crayons and notebooks". Northampton Town Council are asking local schools to get involved. Cllr Jane Birch says "Local children have understandably become more anxious about world events and this may help by giving them something positive to do."

Please take your donations to Goodwill Solutions at 1056 Deer Park Road, Northampton, NN3 6RX.

Together, with Northampton Town Councillors, Goodwill Solutions have provided a long-term solution that supports volunteers by enabling safe storage, sorting, packing of items and distribution of the donations.

Two additional lists of required items are still needed. One for the one and a half million refugees entering Poland and another for the Ukrainians left without power and water in besieged cities. A full list can be found at

Please visit Northampton Town Council's website for up to date news and photos direct from Ukraine and Poland, as well as, everything you need to know from where and what to donate as well as, how to make financial contributions.

Posted: Tue, 22 Mar 2022 10:32 by Rachel Thomas

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