Northampton Town Council Supports Ukraine

Northampton Town Council Supports Ukraine

With the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, Northampton residents have responded with enormous generosity donating thousands of items. Many lorries have already made the perilous journey to Ukraine and the Polish border.

A long-term solution was needed to support the volunteers and enable safe storage, sorting, packing of items and distribution of the donations and so a group of Town Councillors and members of the Ukrainian and Polish community groups, who have been active in managing local drop-off points, met with Goodwill Solutions to discuss ways of co-ordinating efforts.

The meeting with Goodwill Solutions exceeded all expectations. Until a safe space can be created in a large warehouse, the canteen has been turned into a storage and packing area. Once the warehouse space is available lorries can pull up to the loading bay and boxes can be loaded safely. Goodwill Solutions will also provide food for the volunteers. With the expert advice from Goodwill Solutions and the experience of Ukrainian and Polish hauliers agreed plans were established. Transport to Dover and beyond was discussed along with customs declarations and paperwork.

Two lists of required items are needed. One for the one and a half million refugees entering Poland and another for the Ukrainians left without power and water in besieged cities. Each community has issued lists of wanted items. All donations can be dropped off at Tesco Express on Wellingborough Road. You can check opening times on 'Northampton Supports Ukraine' FB page. These will be taken to the warehouse facility for packing.

Councillor Tarasiewicz visited a Polish speaking school on Saturday, "I was told that the Ukrainian refugee children are attending local schools in Poland. They need basic equipment such as a backpack and stationery including, pencils, crayon and notebooks". Northampton Town Council are asking local schools to get involved. Cllr Jane Birch says "Local children have understandably become more anxious about world events and this may help by giving them something positive to do."

Posted: Tue, 15 Mar 2022 17:00 by Rachel Thomas

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