Northampton Town Council freeze the amount its residents pay.

Image of Northampton Town Centre with Northampton in Bloom basket in the foreground, All Saints Church in the background.

Northampton Town Council has agreed to freeze the amount residents will pay in 2023/24 for the second year running.

Northampton Town Council (NTC) has agreed to freeze the amount residents will pay for the second year running in the next financial year beginning in April. The precept funds town council services and is collected as part of West Northamptonshire's wider council tax bill.

The decision to freeze the amount residents pay was agreed at NTC's Full Council meeting on Monday 23rd January 2023. It means that the average property in Northampton parish will still pay £48.78 per annum (just under 94 pence per week) in 2023/24 to the town council, the same amount as in 2022/23 and 2021/22.

The town council have supported many regular events throughout the year including Bands in the Park, the Christmas programme, the annual Fireworks display plus heritage and cultural events including Diwali, Northampton Carnival and Northampton Music Festival. We are also pleased to have granted over £200,000 in community and general grant schemes to support local community groups and voluntary organisations.

Cllr Jane Birch, Chair of the Community Services Committee said "As local community representatives we understand throughout the last year many of our residents have been hit hard financially, the town council is here to respond to the needs of its community and is very keen to be able to give the best value for money, therefore we have chosen not to raise the amount residents pay in 2023/24. In the councils first two years in operation we are delighted to have delivered several key projects including Northampton in Bloom and are very pleased to have managed Northampton's ancient mayoralty through our civic events".

Cllr Marriott, Chair of the Policy and Finance Committee said "I am pleased there is no increase in the amount residents have to pay and hope that this freeze will help to reduce some stress and financial burden on residents".

Posted: Wed, 25 Jan 2023 09:24 by NTC News

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