Eid Festival returns to Becket's Park

Eid Festival returns to Becket's Park

The Northampton Eid Management Group are pleased to present the second annual Eid Festival from 12 - 6pm on Sunday 30th April at Becket's Park.

With support from Northampton Town Council, the Eid celebrations will return again this Spring. Marking a significant event in the Muslim calendar, the end of Ramadan - a month of prayer and fasting, all are welcome to come together for a community day full of activities and fun for the whole family.

Cllr Alwahabi, from the Northampton Eid Management Group, said "After Ramadan- a period of fasting that lasts a month for all Muslims- comes our celebration of Eid. We like to get together with family and friends to enjoy ourselves. Eid is for everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims. We hope there will be something for everyone, so do come and join us in Becket's Park."

There will be giant inflatables for all to enjoy and bouncy castles for children alongside activities and displays. A community marquee will feature a variety of pop-up stalls including food and drink stands plus crafts and clothes stalls.

Cllr Haque, from the Northampton Eid Management Group said: "This is a joyous occasion and we would like the whole community to come and share good food, good entertainment and good company with us on our special day. Eid is a time for family celebration, for our multi-cultural community to come together. There is enough conflict in the world. We want to promote community cohesion and enjoyment for all."

Cllr Ashraf added: "The women in the community have been asking for an event like this, where they can bring their children, for many years. Community is so important. We hope people will come together to help us celebrate."

Large vehicles provided by Northamptonshire Fire Brigade and Northampton Transport Heritage will also be on display for all members of the family to enjoy. Northampton's Daisie-Belle will host the Main Stage with presentations and live entertainment scheduled throughout the afternoon with a variety of performances.

Cllr Ismail said: "We thank Northampton Town Council for giving us the opportunity to share our Eid with the public. It is wonderful to bring all the generations together."

Posted: Tue, 18 Apr 2023 12:34 by Sara Kennedy

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