Northampton in Bloom

Photo courtesy of Stu Vincent Photography

Photo courtesy of Stu Vincent Photography

Since forming, Northampton Town Council have been responsible for Northampton in Bloom. Traditionally, Bloom mainly covered the town centre area, however we have now expanded the floral displays into our town council wards whilst championing local initiatives established by local resident groups and communities.

Northampton in Bloom is a project that the town council are extremely committed to and very proud to deliver; our aim is to build and grow connections in all the wards within the parish boundary in the coming years.

As this project evolves, we are also looking at how we can make these displays more environmentally friendly with the addition of sustainable planters and the use of peat-free compost.

Everyone can help make Northampton bloom so if you would like to get involved with any existing projects, or be part of a new bloom-associated project, please contact:

Last updated: Fri, 30 Jun 2023 11:43