Northampton In Bloom

Photo courtesy of Stu Vincent Photography

Northampton in Bloom is back for 2022. Traditionally, Northampton in Bloom has covered mainly the town centre area. This year, Northampton Town Council is pleased to have supported the spread of the project into some new areas, including Abington and Eastfield wards. Northampton in Bloom is a project that the town council are extremely committed to and our aim is to build and grow connections in all the wards within the parish boundary in future years.

Prior to entering East Midlands in Bloom, we are encouraging the community to get involved. If you are a member of a local business or community organisation, you can apply for one of our Bloom Start-Up Grants for up to £200 towards a sustainable planting initiative. Click here to apply now!

If you would like to know more about Northampton in Bloom or to get involved with the project please email us or telephone 01604 349310.

Last updated: Wed, 12 Oct 2022 13:32