Northampton Town Council Supports Ukraine

Regular bulletins are updated on the news section of our website here, with photos direct from Poland and Ukraine regularly added to the gallery. For live updates please follow the link below to the Northampton Supports Ukraine Facebook page.

Financial Donations can now be made via the Goodwill Solutions Charity account.


Sending aid to Ukraine and refugees in Poland

You can donate here:

Goodwill Solutions C.I.O. (Charitably Incorporated Organisation)

Charity Number :1160466


Name: Goodwill Solutions C.I.O.

Sort-code: 20 90 08

Account No: 63993264

You can view their registration details here.

Further to financial donations, Northampton Town council have launched a donation drive for essential school supplies in aid of young Ukrainian refugees attending school in Poland.

'Goodwill Solutions' Charity account will receive donations on behalf of Northampton Supports Ukraine. All transactions are transparent and accountable and Goodwill Solutions make no charge or profit from administering this account. All donations go directly to Northampton Supports Ukraine, for transport costs and further support for refugees as they arrive in Northampton'.

There are still two additional lists of urgently required items. One for the one and a half million refugees entering Poland and another for the Ukrainians left without power and water in besieged cities. Each community has issued lists of wanted items. These lists change frequently and are regularly updated. You can view them here.

Please make your donations at Goodwill Solutions, between 9am and 5pm. You can find them at, 1056 Deer Park Road, NN3 6RX. Please ring 01604 422464 as you arrive.

As well as, the efforts coordinated by Northampton Town Council, there are other local initiatives such as that organised by My First Years. You can find information relating to all other local appeals including Homes for Ukraine, the local sponsorship scheme, overseen by West Northants Council by using the links below.

You will also find information relating to both the national and international appeals, as in those run by The British Red Cross and the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal, Save the Children and The UNHCR Refugees Agency.

Local Appeals

National and International Appeals

For more information on supporting the relief effort, please visit the Government's website.

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